Why Prefab Construction: Modular Solutions Meet the Need for Speed in Healthcare


While it goes without saying, the healthcare industry experienced previously unimaginable challenges and demands over the past year. As urgent shifts in priorities directly impacted construction methods, healthcare facilities turned to innovative solutions to meet needs and increase capacities. Building Design + Construction reports that “healthcare, in fact, was one of the few nonresidential building types that showed year-to-year increases in construction spending over the first 10 months of 2020,” according to Census Bureau estimates.

To address the urgent need for flexible space and increase capacity for isolation rooms now and in the future, healthcare leaders and facility managers are increasingly turning to modular building methods for quick, efficient and effective solutions. Prefab manufacturers are rising to the moment and pushing the boundaries of what’s doable, from design and production to delivery and installation. For example, SurePods and its prefab partners DPR Construction and Digital Building Components are able to erect an entire semi-permanent hospital wing in just four weeks.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and a factory-controlled environment, rapidly deployable modular solutions are also well-suited to meet healthcare facilities’ long-term needs. Modular building methods not only provide more control over costs, quality and construction schedules, but also reduce labor and disturbances on existing hospital campuses. Project demand shows healthcare facilities are taking note of these advantages. Case in point, prior to 2020, SurePods had already completed more than 2,000 hospital bathrooms for six different hospitals. By April 2020, more than 1,600 additional hospital bathroom pods were in some stage of production or pre-con for nine new hospitals across the United States. In fact, several healthcare networks have further simplified their construction processes by standardizing SurePods’ patient bathroom designs systemwide.

The healthcare industry’s swift adoption of modular building methods continues to push the boundaries of prefab construction. If SurePods’ modular bathroom pods or rapid deployment solutions sound like a match for your healthcare project, let’s talk. Contact us at [email protected].

Women in Construction Week

Happy Women’s History Month and Women in Construction Week from SurePods! During the week of March 7, 2021, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) celebrates the increasingly important role women play in the construction industry and focuses on highlighting opportunities for Women in Construction (WIC) in local communities.

As the modular construction industry continues to thrive, SurePods honors and recognizes the important role women play in our company’s success. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 10.3% of America’s construction workers are women, we proudly employ more than triple the industry average – approximately 32% of the SurePods team are women.

With safe working conditions and ample opportunities growth, find out why SurePods is uniquely positioned to offer women rewarding career paths in the prefab manufacturing industry:

Safer, improved working conditions

Most modular building takes place at ground-level, which largely eliminates the likelihood of injury caused by overhead debris. Those who enjoy working with their hands appreciate the stability of the factory floor, and anyone with a fear of heights is freed from worry that comes with working several stories above ground.

Empowering and efficient operations

With the absence of rain, sun and other harsh weather conditions, the factory setting offers a more comfortable and predictable work environment. Bringing construction indoors to a climate-controlled setting also presents more opportunity gain experience working with cutting-edge equipment. Like other modular facilities, SurePods’ multitude of automated systems contribute to the unmatched efficiency of the manufacturing process. Tasks that literally require heavy lifting are simplified with automation. For example, handling gypsum in the field typically requires two people. In plants like SurePods, manufacturers add vacuum lifters that require only one person to operate.

Rewarding career paths

With safer and better working conditions, employees are empowered to put their best foot forward and find satisfaction in purpose-driven work. Hospitals with modular components that improve accessibility help those of all ages and ability levels receive the best care possible; prefabricated student housing provides more affordable, sustainable living environments for the next generation. Regardless of the application, the opportunities for rewarding career paths in continue to grow as the construction industry evolves.

Follow SurePods on LinkedIn for the latest job openings and network with Women in Construction in your local community by visiting www.nawic.org.

SurePods Close Up: Debunking misconceptions about the pods

Many preconceived notions and misconceptions prevent building professionals from making the leap to time- and labor-saving modular construction methods. Some envision a unit that’s only a step above a jobsite trailer, or a bulky, boxy structure that takes up valuable space. Thanks to advances in manufacturing methods, today’s modular bathroom pods are virtually indistinguishable from a site-built units.

In this week’s SurePods closeup, we’re debunking two common modular misconceptions:

Misconception #1: prefab bathrooms come with thick floor assemblies

Contrary to popular belief, modular bathrooms’ subfloors, like SurePods’, can be considerably thin. Rather than having to depress or modify the slab in anyway, crews can simply slide the prefabricated pod into place when they arrive at the construction site. Teams then only have to install a custom-engineered sloping floor threshold, as they would do with any on-site built bathroom. The threshold ensures that the transition between the flooring inside and outside of a prefab pod is ADA compliant.

While many residential and commercial applications don’t require slab depression, healthcare is the one exception. Sometimes, healthcare projects require the bathroom to be a wet room, where the floors are sloped to a drain in the center of the floor, and the entire bathroom works like a shower pan. This allows employees to completely hose out the room, utilizing the center drain. In these instances, healthcare contractors would need to plan for a slab depression to accommodate that slope within SurePods’ floor system. This is a key reason why Revit® BIM conflict analysis is a part of the pre-construction process with SurePods.

Misconception #2: prefab bathrooms require an increased vertical clearance

While you might guess that prefab, modular bathrooms require an increased vertical clearance space to maneuver into position and to place, the standard 104 in. (8’ 8” in clear) top of slab to bottom of ceiling height common in commercial project scenarios is adequate to accommodate bathroom pods. Once prefab bathroom pods are in place, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trades make the connections to the building’s mechanical systems, the exterior of the pods are sheetrocked and then floor thresholds are installed.

Regardless of project type, the key finding success with modular methods is to reach out to the manufacturer early. Early analysis with engineers and project teams is essential to ensure all parties understand how to properly integrate prefabrication into the architects’ and contractors’ vision. Problem-solving can occur before construction even begins, saving valuable time and resources.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods as we head into 2021, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience to make projects seamless. To get started, contact us at [email protected].

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Construction Market Update: Modular Methods Going Mainstream

Just as expected, the modular construction industry is going strong in the new year. In January, we outlined a few predictions discussing how modular methods could help building pros mitigate safety risks on the jobsite and accelerate construction timelines. From supporting green building initiatives to creating safer working conditions, below are a few highlights that showcase how the modular prefab method is making a positive impact and helping several industries find success in 2021:

Energy-efficient Starbucks built in just six days

A first-of-its-kind for the coffee retail giant, Starbucks will open a sustainably constructed drive-thru store in Canada using an energy-efficient modular system with near-zero construction waste, according to a recent press release. Assembled and built in less than a week’s time, the store is specifically designed to reduce energy needs for heating and cooling compared to standard construction builds.

According to Construction Dive, other restaurant brands have embraced modular building as a way to cut costs, shave construction time and lower their carbon footprints. Late last year, Chick-fil-A opened its first restaurant built with a modular construction process in just 12 weeks, compared to the typical 23-week average for “scrape and rebuild” projects.

Modular bathrooms to become a mainstay in Season’s Retirement Homes In just a few months, 147 SurePods bathrooms will be heading to St. Catharine’s Seasons Retirement Community, a new assisted living facility opening in Ontario, Canada. To ensure the bathroom pods were perfectly designed for St. Catharine’s residents, the materials and fixtures were carefully selected by the Season’s Retirement Homes design team.

In the development of future retirement communities, Season’s Retirement Homes will enlist SurePods to deliver beautifully designed bathroom pods for seamless “plug-and-play” installs. The code-compliant pods offer the added value of cost certainty and de-risking jobsites, in addition to offering quality, consistent bathroom facilities to residents across Season’s Retirement Homes’ entire portfolio.

Take a video tour of the Season’s Retirement Pod:


National news segment explores “How Modular Construction is Shaking Up the Industry”

Informally referred to as the “CNBC for millennials,” post-cable TV network Cheddar breaks down the modular construction process for its viewers and explores how modular building methods offer solutions to address several factors the construction industry currently faces.

Ayall Schanzer, Chief Strategy Officer, iBUILT, points out the economic advantages that modular construction presents, including helping offset rising materials costs and addressing the construction industry’s skilled labor shortage. He also discusses how modular building methods are helping the construction industry overcome several new challenges presented in 2021, noting that “off-site manufacturing provides an alternative and eliminates a lot of the risk and a lot of the costs associated with traditional onsite construction.”

At the end of the segment, the news anchor calls modular building “almost like [it’s] the trifecta,” with respect to its ability “lower construction and operating costs in addition to [speeding up] construction in the process.”

Ready to take advantage of the modular benefits for your next project? Let’s talk. Our prefabricated bathrooms can shave 2-4 months off construction timelines. If SurePods’ modular bathroom pods sound like a match for your next project, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience to make projects seamless. To get started, contact us at [email protected].

SurePods Close-Up: Bringing simplicity to the design and construction process

Building design professionals are all too familiar with the complications associated with having multiple points of contact during the construction process. And when it comes to bathroom design and construction, these complications can seem exaggerated. Electrical, plumbing and finishing work – ranging from drywall to painting – can require up to 10 construction trades working in an area of about 50 to 100 square feet. Scheduling, miscommunication and onsite reworks can inevitably lead to construction delays, which can adversely affect a building’s target opening date and revenue generation.

To support project architects’ design goals and reduce unnecessary headaches during the bathroom construction process, SurePods prefabricated units provide simplicity from start to finish – check out four ways below:

Single point of procurement: From pre-construction to project completion, design teams work with a single point of contact to concept and create modular bathroom pods. By engaging SurePods early in the design process, project architects are able to communicate design goals without the added confusion that comes from working with multiple contacts. This also makes it easier to stay on track when it comes budgets and target opening dates, as the factory-controlled setting allows for more accurate construction techniques.

Ease of design collaboration: SurePods utilizes Revit, a modelling software for designers, engineers and architects, for building information modeling (BIM). By creating a 3D image of modular bathroom pods during the pre-con phase, all parties involved are able to to visualize the design and make necessary adjustments prior to production. Not only does this help with the design decision-making process, but it also ensures that all building and design professionals are working from the same point of reference.

“SurePods uses the same Revit for BIM electronic data we use, so sharing the designs back and forth is simple and easy,” said Greg Mueller, CEO and principal, Tucker Sadler Architects. “They also generate a complete package for permitting, which speeds up our drawing time.”

Simply put, since modular bathrooms are pre-designed and agreed upon, they are a known solution. There’s no need to change an order or dip into an owner’s contingency fund.

Simplicity on the factory floor: By utilizing Revit in collaboration with project architects, SurePods’ 3D bathroom models translate directly into machine code. Then, production robots can manufacture bathroom pods with laser precision – literally. With automated computer numerical control (CNC) machines, SurePods can essentially “hit print” and produce several bathroom pods per day to exact project specifications.

Plug-and-play installation: Once the pods are manufactured, they are wrapped in waterproof and weatherproof packaging and delivered to the jobsite. Since bathroom pods are forged by machines for dimensional accuracy and produced with high quality materials, they arrive at the jobsite in excellent condition, ready for installation. SurePods can install and deliver up to 30 units per day with a plug-and-play process similar to interlocking Legos, minimizing installation time and essentially eliminating bathroom punch lists. By coordinating a just-in-time delivery approach, projects can continue to run smoothly without unexpected delays hindering the construction process.


If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at surepods.com/contact.

New SurePods West Facility Opens

As North America’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods, it’s been exciting to witness the industry as it experiences dynamic growth. According to a recent Valuates Reports, “the global Prefabricated Bathroom Pods market is valued at USD 1.41 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 2.95 billion by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.53% between 2021 and 2027.” To meet the rising demand for modular bathrooms on both sides of the country, we’re thrilled to announce we’re taking our nearly 20 years of knowledge and expertise to the West Coast as we open the door to our new production facility.

Centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona, the new SurePods West facility will bring to market an additional 1,500 to 2,000 pods annually, with plans to increase capacity as acceptance grows. Not only will this allow us to scale to meet demand as the skilled labor shortage and volatile market conditions drive adoption of modular methods, but it will also make it easier to service and ship our bathroom pods to developers and builders across the Western United States.

“With demand for alternative construction methods rising, we’re excited to scale our production and make prefab bathroom solutions more available to those on the West Coast,” explains Matt Gaskin, Assistant General Manager, SurePods West. “Whether customers are facing high-cost labor markets, complex jobsite challenges or market disruptions, we can help them simplify what is typically one of the most complex components of any large-scale development project.”

To learn more about our brand new operation, check out the full release here. If you have a large-scale construction project in the West Coast that could benefit from our schedule-accelerating bathroom pods, get in touch at: [email protected]. We’d love to show you our facility and discuss how we can meet your needs.

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Green Sustainability Series, Part 3 – How Prefab Supports Green Building Goals, Post-Construction

As the third and final installment of our “Green Sustainability Series,” we’ll take a closer look at how SurePods’ prefabricated building method supports building owners’ long-term sustainability goals after construction has commenced:

Building with high quality materials means less to renovate later: In addition to reducing material waste during initial construction, high-quality prefabricated modular bathrooms help building owners conserve resources over the long-term – especially when it comes time to renovate and refresh high-use facilities. SurePods manufactures its bathroom pods using durable materials that is fully waterproof and crack-proof ceiling and USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough interior panels. Such materials provide a solid foundation for future bathroom upgrades and eliminate the need for drywall replacement. Consider how many bathrooms multifamily apartments, hospital and hotel rooms have, and how often they are used. By eliminating the need for unnecessary renovations in the short term and long term, building materials and resources can be easily conserved.

Improved air quality and greater energy efficiency: One surprising green building benefit of modular prefabricated bathrooms is their role in improving air quality by reducing the potential for harmful molds. The Modular Building Institute explains that modular construction can improve indoor air quality because, “the modular structure is substantially completed in a factory-controlled setting using dry materials, [so] the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the new construction is eliminated.” What’s more, modular bathroom pods can also help contribute to a more airtight, energy efficient building. Green building programs like Energy Star, National Green Building Standard and LEED have airtightness requirements between individual units and a building’s exterior. Modular prefabrication affords more accurate construction, tighter joints and better air filtration, which allows for better wall insulation and an increase in energy efficiency.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at surepods.com/contact.

Green Sustainability Series, Part 2 – How Prefab Brings Resource and Energy Savings to the Construct

In the second installment of our “Green Sustainability Series,” we’re exploring how prefabricated construction methods reduce waste when it comes to resources and energy. This week, we’ll take a closer look at how resource-saving tactics employed during the SurePods’ construction process affords optimized energy efficiency in the application:

Precision manufacturing methods: Factory-controlled environments allow for more accurate construction techniques – automation with computer systems reduces margins of error and, in turn, reduces material waste. This means that modular bathroom pods built in a factory setting can have tighter joints and air filtration, which, in the application, allows for better wall insulation and optimized energy efficiency. The climate-controlled factory setting also greatly simplifies the construction-related demands associated with building bathrooms. Electrical, plumbing, finishes, and everything in between is constructed to exact project specifications offsite. Therefore, no resources or energy is expended on reworks onsite.

Purposeful, energy-saving design: If you caught last week’s post on reducing material waste, then you know that modular bathroom pods can be fabricated using recycled steel and wallboard. At SurePods, this is only the beginning of our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. Not only are pods comprised of recyclable building materials, but they’re also purposefully designed with energy-savings in mind. Energy-efficient LEDs, low-energy consumption occupancy sensors, and water-conserving fixtures, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures, are just a couple of examples of design features that help conserve resources and energy.

Next week, we’ll wrap up our series by exploring the prefab offers’ long-term sustainability benefits in a post-construction setting.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at surepods.com/contact.

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5 Peaceful Palettes for Your Bathroom Renovation

When life becomes stressful, the need to withdraw and recharge becomes stronger than ever. If you are looking to lower your day-to-day stress levels, the colour palette of your bathroom can help soothe anxieties and stresses from your day.

Besides, what’s a better activity to entice clam than a hot soak in a soothing tub surrounded by a beautiful haven?

It’s no secret that colour influences our emotions. So, whether you’re seeking to regain some Zen or just sick of gazing at the same old walls. Here are five modern bathroom designs featuring the most soothing palettes to inspire your next bathroom renovation.


Natural Bathroom Renovation

As technology continues to pervade every area of our lives, more and more of us are yearning for nature like never before and seeking innovative methods to incorporate organic materials into our homes. Particularly, this natural design aesthetic is seen in many coastal homes and Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle, as the style perfectly reflects the easy-going lifestyles many of us beach-side Aussies live.

Although, the ocean view is not required! As this modern Bathroom Renovation Terrey Hills encompasses a natural aesthetic even in the suburbs. With the large skylight as its main focal feature, a glorious amount of sunlight creeps in, making the space seem brighter and larger, with a fresh and inviting feel.

We recommend avoiding picking too many vivid and strong features to ensure a relaxing atmosphere. Instead, choose one or two features’ colours, like this natural bathroom renovation, which includes a good balance of earthy hues and browns, mixed with clean tones like silver and white.


Serene Bathroom Renovation

Often inspired by ‘a day spa’, there’s something about a minimalist and calming serene palette that can transform a bathroom into a haven. The serene bathroom design evokes clean, classic, and incredibly relaxing feelings, with little restraint and a good quantity of marble, resulting in a breathtakingly tranquil finish.

Even though this modern bathroom design is popular with sea-side homes, we are seeing many suburban bathroom renovations in Penrith and across Western Sydney wanting to upgrade their spaces to a more relaxing and luxurious bathroom design.

Although this Bathroom Renovation in Kellyville Ridge is far from the beach, the design is inspired by ‘the day spa’ aesthetic. With a soft and harmonising colour palette, this modern bathroom design screams serene, generating a sense of poise inside this suburban home. Particularly with serene modern bathroom designs, it’s all about colour harmony. The more subdued and less striking a palette is, the more relaxing the bathroom may be.


Escape Bathroom Renovation

The escape bathroom is a quiet retreat within the home, inspired by our favourite vacation spots. These modern bathroom designs create a solid and well-balanced room with stunning natural features and straightforward finishes.

With soft natural light and earthy tones, the minimalism of the escape bathroom heightens your senses. So it’s simple to understand why you’ll want to make this meditative bathroom a focal point in your house.

Again, even though this modern bathroom design is popular with sea-side homes, many small bathroom renovations in Redfern and across Sydney’s highly populated CBD incorporates the escape design in their urban spaces as a way to retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living.

In particular, this Bathroom Renovation Redfern creates an escape aesthetic with wooden cabinetry and wood-like tiles. It’s an unexpected but successful escape design pairing.

We love the matching curved bathroom installations in this Bathroom Renovation Redfern from the circular bathtub, rounded basin sink, spherical fixtures to the towel rack. In combination, these round features really softens the ambience of the modern bathroom design and provides optimum relaxation for its users.

Our design team largely focuses on incorporating wood as a feature into most escape bathrooms as this style is fundamentally inspired by ‘nature’ to create a peaceful bathroom. When combined with a bathroom’s usually cold atmosphere, the wood adds warmth and makes the space much more welcoming.


Vintage Bathroom Renovation

Our vintage bathroom renovations give homeowners the traditional appearance and feel of yesteryear while still allowing for a luxurious but modern design. Vintage aesthetics are found all around Sydney, from Bathroom Renovations in Penrith to bathroom renovations in Redfern. The best-designed vintage bathrooms have a meticulous balance between period elegance and traditional appeal without compromising modern convenience.

This Bathroom Renovation Mount Colah marries old and new styles with careful placement of dark tiles in the main area against a neutral marble backdrop, seamlessly creating a perfect monochrome bathroom.

The vanity in particular highlights the sprinkles of vintage styling throughout this bathroom, with a mix of old-fashioned cabinetry and traditional knobs, contrasted to the modern vessel sink and contemporary stone vanity top.

Matte black is a stunning feature in this modern bathroom design, as a matt finish gives real colour depth as it reflects the least amount of light, producing a feeling of stillness. In addition, Low-sheen or matt finishes will help blur sharp edges and hard surfaces in spaces by absorbing and softening the light. This creates a gentle, blanketing effect ideal for any peaceful bathroom renovation.


Timeless Bathroom Renovation

The term “timeless” is frequently used to describe elegance and sophistication. Our timeless modern bathroom designs incorporate high-quality fabrics, accessories, and colours for a traditional and elegant look that will last a lifetime. Such a classic and ageless design is perfect for any home in Sydney – from bathroom renovations Penrith and all the way to Redfern –  the timeless bathroom creates a sense of luxury anywhere while maintaining the practicality and use of the space.

This timeless Bathroom Renovation Riverview features the perfect variation of whites. This assorted but clean colour palette is seen throughout the modern bathroom design, from the sink bowl to the vanity top to the hexagon feature tiles. In combination, the glossy layers of white on the cabinets and vanity shine unapologetically while adding texture and warmth into the room. Even though today’s typical bathroom trend is matte tiles, the lustrous spa-like finish of these polished tiles feels much more expensive.

With such exquisite colours and luxury accents presented in this bathroom renovation, it’s clear the timeless bathroom design evokes soothing feelings. Cucumber slices may be added for a quick reduction of stress!


Begin Your Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

Colour is your most potent weapon when it comes to transforming the look and feel of a room. We hope these five modern bathroom designs have helped you narrow down what colour palette you want in your bathroom renovation with Novalé!

A colour palette doesn’t have to be expensive! Just a simple splash of colour or some eye-catching floor tiles can instantly bring character and fun into your modern bathroom design. So, whether you are looking for Bathroom Renovations Redfern or Bathroom Renovations Newcastle, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your modern bathroom design and renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations from Bathroom Renovations Penrith to Bathroom Renovations Redfern. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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6 Most Common Questions Asked During Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is where you start and finish your day, a space where you are calm and collected ready to take on the day, yet also settle down after a big day, so it is extremely important that you make it the perfect space for YOU!

However, when it comes to renovating a bathroom, it can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. There are so many options to consider when it comes to design, functionality, practicality and the overall aesthetic of the space. With so many things to think about, here are the answers to 6 common questions that get asked during the bathroom renovation process:


Do I have to have a bath?

The answer is simple. If you enjoy unwinding and soaking away your stress in a nice warm bath, then a bathtub would be high on your “must-have” bathroom renovation list.

If you have small children, bath time is a given. If you are in your forever home, make your bathroom practical and functional for your situation.

Showers with a handheld showerhead are also something to consider if you have smaller children when a bathtub is not an option. However, if you are renovating for a resale purpose, a bathroom with a bathtub will open your sale to a larger group of potential buyers.


Freestanding Bath vs Built-in – What are the pros and cons?

Freestanding baths are currently a modern bathroom trend and offer a luxurious feel to a bathroom installation and are often used as a bit of a show-stopping feature. They don’t need wall support, so can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, however, if away from the wall, you must make sure that a floor-mounted spout is a viable option. Freestanding baths work well in bathroom renovations on the larger side but depending on your layout they can be used in smaller spaces too.

One of the biggest things to consider when thinking about a freestanding bath is ensuring it is far enough from the wall to allow for easy cleaning. An allowance minimum of 80mm from adjacent walls should be sufficient for cleaning accessibility. If you like the look of a freestanding bath but are limited on space, a back-to-wall freestanding bath might be another option to achieve a similar look in a smaller bathroom renovation.

A built-in (or inset) bath is built into a hob that holds the tub and is then tiled around the outside. In smaller bathroom installations, built-in baths are usually combined with showers to offer both options in a tight space. The surrounding ledge of a built-in bath works well, as it offers easy access to children and works as a handy ledge for parents bathing toddlers. The ledge can also work well for the storage of soaps and accessories if a niche or caddy is not available. Built-in baths are very easy to clean as there is nowhere for dust and grime to hide. The placement of a built-in bath is not flexible though and will often need to be placed in the corners of the modern bathroom design.


Open Shower vs Framed Shower –What are the pros and cons?

Open showers look amazing and usually consist of a single frameless glass divider, visually enlarging the bathroom space. An open shower looks great in any sized bathroom renovation and the ease of access in and out is very appealing.

Open showers have fewer corners for water and grime to accumulate, so are very easy to keep clean. Being so open, the heat of a hot shower is impossible to keep contained and the steam tends to circulate the entire bathroom, so good ventilation is a must.

While framed showers may seem to be dated, they now are available in different colour options e.g matte black which makes the bathroom design a little more contemporary. They are also very budget-friendly when compared to a frameless shower option.

Framed showers will keep water spray contained within your shower space, so no need to worry about excessive water on your bathroom floor. However, this enclosed space does tend to get more dirt and mould build-up and cleaning can be a chore.


Single or double vanity?

When choosing your vanity, really think about how your bathroom space gets used currently. What space do you have available and how many people are using the bathroom?

If you already have a single vanity in your bathroom, replacing it with a single vanity makes sense if you are on a strict budget. Upgrading to a double vanity means additional basin fittings and plumbing, which equals additional cost. A single vanity also offers more bench space and one set of plumbing means extra clear cabinetry space to use. If you have a large bathroom though, a single vanity may not make sense and the empty space may leave your bathroom looking incomplete.

A double vanity – while seen as a luxurious expense – has a practical and functional benefit for busy households. A double vanity means you can easily use the bathroom at the same time as someone else without the hassle of getting in each other’s way. Even though it offers less bench space, overall this means less benchtop clutter in your modern bathroom design, with most things having to be stored away in the cabinetry.

In-wall cistern for toilet –What are the pros and cons?

In-wall cisterns can transform the look of your bathroom installation. The compact design gives a more contemporary feel and the illusion of more space. Not only that, it is more of a hygienic option, as the cistern or tank which normally is a store hold for dust and bacteria is now hidden. This also makes it super quick and easy to clean. Plus, the push plates are available in a variety of finishes making them easy to match with your tapware.

When a problem arises with an in-wall cistern, however, it can be quite difficult to fix the issue. With tiled walls, it is hard to access the cistern which can increase the repair costs.

Also, in the case of any water issues, the cistern cannot be re-filled with water. If you purchase a wall-mounted toilet with an in-wall cistern, it will require a specific toilet pan that can manage the weight of the person using the toilet and installation of the bowl will encounter additional labour costs to the bathroom installation.


Ledge / Hob Wall vs NicheWhat are the pros and cons?

We are starting to see ledge/hob walls pop up quite a bit in bathroom renovation ideas and feel this is one of the current trends for 2021.

A ledge/hob wall is basically a tiled shower ledge, which is a half-height wall built into your shower. Like a niche, this is used as a streamlined and practical way to store your most used bathroom products. A ledge lends itself to lots of different modern bathroom designs and can be used as a seamless inclusion to your bathroom space or tiled with a feature tile to create some wow factor.

As opposed to a niche, a ledge does not have a topside meaning you are not restricted by the size of your shampoo bottles. If your bathroom allows, a ledge can be continued behind your bath or even incorporated into your vanity for extra storage space. A shower ledge will encroach slightly on your overall shower space, so if you are limited on room, a niche may be the way to go.

When you think of a niche, you picture an in-built rectangle with a contrasting feature tile. These days though, we are seeing more of a seamless look with only the one tile being used. This is a good way of keeping your look in date. Depending on your tile choice though, keeping things all lined up in your niche can be quite tricky when using the same tile throughout. A niche is a great practical shower storage solution as it does not require any additional shower space and aesthetically it is much better than a hanging shower caddy! A common niche size is 600mm x 300mm but given you have the space, can be any size really.


Start Your Sydney Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

Novalé Bathrooms are dedicated to delivering dreams for our customers on time, within budget and to specifications. Our very satisfied customers enjoy a stress-free bathroom renovation experience, where they are guided through the process from start to finish, by experts who are intent on fulfilling their dream. If you are planning on renovating your bathroom and have any further questions, the experienced Novalé team can help answer them and guide you on your journey of bringing your dream bathroom to life.

No matter if you are looking for bathroom renovators for a large bathroom in Alexandria, or a small bathroom renovation in Coogee, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in the City of Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your modern bathroom design and renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations in Manly to bathroom renovations in Parramatta, as well as Bathroom Renovations across Sydney and all the way to bathroom renovations in the Central Coast and Newcastle. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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