Milano Elizabeth Traditional Showers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the beautifully designed Milano Elizabeth shower collection, creating your dream bathroom that oozes luxury and elegance is easy to achieve. 

Available in a range of gorgeous finishes, the Elizabeth showers are the perfect blend of traditional design and modern showering functionality, bringing a classic feel to your bathroom, whilst offering a sensational shower experience. 

With such a huge selection of Elizabeth showers, we understand that it’s not an easy task choosing the right one that enhances both your bathroom design and meets your showering requirements.

So, to help you out, we have created this ultimate buying guide that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Milano Elizabeth Showers – Exquisite Traditional Details & Opulent Finishes

The majestic Elizabeth shower range certainly makes a statement, yet brings opulence and timeless appeal to your bathroom, allowing you to create a look that will never fall out of fashion. 

The Elizabeth shower heads and shower valves feature exquisite traditional details, which really will set your bathroom apart from the rest. After all, it’s the small details that make all the difference.

The range of opulent finishes will also make your bathroom stand out from the crowd, whether you want to keep things classy with chrome or add some vintage chic with gold or bronze, we’ve made it easy to create the look you truly desire.

Exquisite Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finishes

The Milano Elizabeth brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze showers are hand-finished – this means that the colour and tone slightly differs between products of the same finish, creating a bathroom that’s unique and authentic. 

The gold and bronze finish is moisture-blemish resistant too, meaning less of those annoying water spots.

The oil rubbed bronze and brushed gold showers have what’s known as a living finish that naturally patinas over time, which creates a vintage appearance. 

As the surface reacts with the environment and daily use, the showers begin to develop their own unique patina that transforms and ages with time. The changes you’ll see are what give the products real character.

Enjoy a Relaxing Shower Experience with a Milano Elizabeth Shower Head

The simply stunning Milano Elizabeth traditional shower heads come in a choice of sizes and finishes, including chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze, to further elevate the look of your bathroom. 

Each one delivers luxurious rainfall water coverage, giving you the most calming and soothing shower experience. 

The Elizabeth shower head features an apron style design for that perfect traditional look and that’s sure to create an eye-catching focal point within your bathroom.

Elizabeth Shower Head Features:

150mm, 200mm and 300mm diametersChrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishesCan be wall or ceiling mountedTraditional apron designLuxurious rainfall water coverageSwivel jointSolid brass constructionLong life 10 year guarantee

The Elizabeth shower heads have been crafted to the highest standards from solid brass for guaranteed durability with an exceptionally hard-wearing finish. 

Each shower head has a swivel joint that allows you to easily adjust it to the desired angle and can be fitted with the matching wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted arm, which again has a solid brass construction.

In addition to the apron shower heads, there’s also the Milano Elizabeth hand shower, which is available to purchase separately or as part of a shower riser rail kit, complete with matching hose and outlet elbow. 

The hand shower has been crafted from brass with a ceramic handle and delivers a refreshing spray of water. This also comes in chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishes.

Enjoy Effortless Control with a Milano Elizabeth Shower Valve

The exquisitely crafted Milano Elizabeth thermostatic shower valves give you precise temperature control for your perfect shower experience. 

Just like the traditional shower heads, the shower valves come in brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze and chrome finishes, making it easy for you to create a coordinated look. 

The chrome shower valves are available with white or black ceramic detailing, giving you an extra option. 

What’s more, you can also select from a concealed valve if you want to create a streamlined finish or an exposed design for a stand-out traditional look.

Elizabeth Thermostatic Shower Valve Features

Chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishesOne, two and three outlet optionsBeautiful traditional designThermostatic temperature controlEasy-to-use lever and crosshead handlesCeramic detailingAnti-scald technologySolid brass constructionCeramic disc technologyLong life 10 year guarantee

Milano Elizabeth traditional thermostatic shower valves have a solid brass construction for outstanding strength and a luxury feel, whilst the hard-wearing finish will stand the test of time. 

The lever and crosshead handles allow you to control your shower with ease and the built-in anti-scald technology adds total peace of mind when showering.

With one, two and three outlet valve options that the Elizabeth shower range has to offer, you can build a custom shower experience. 

The Elizabeth twin shower valve supplies water to a single shower function such as the apron shower head. The twin diverter valve delivers water to one function and can divert to a second, so you could have an apron shower head and riser rail set up. 

The triple shower valve supplies water to two functions, whilst the triple with diverter valve operates two outlets separately or simultaneously and can divert to a third outlet.

Milano Elizabeth Complete Shower Kits

For your ease and convenience, we have created an outstanding collection of complete Milano Elizabeth traditional shower kits, giving you an array of showering possibilities. 

Whether you require a simple yet elegant valve and shower head set up or would prefer a full-on system with massaging body jets, shower head and hand shower kit, we have just what you need at Big Bathroom Shop. 

You can add a majestic touch to your bathroom with a multi-function Milano Elizabeth brushed gold shower or add some vintage chic with a Milano Elizabeth shower in oil rubbed bronze.What’s more, we’ve also created traditional showers with bath fillers, specially designed for use over your bath.

These include both a bath spout and shower head, so you can combine the best of both bathing and showering in your luxury traditional bathroom.

For a truly authentic period look, our complete traditional rigid riser shower kits are perfect for achieving just that. 

These Elizabeth shower kits incorporate a rigid riser rail, shower head and exposed thermostatic valve, whilst the grand rigid risers have the addition of a hand shower. 

There’s also rigid riser kits with a bath spout for your shower bath set-up, ensuring all your requirements are met.

Upgrade To Elizabeth Throughout Your Bathroom

Once you’ve chosen your perfect Elizabeth shower, then why not take things one step further and enhance the opulent look with the Milano Elizabeth taps and traditional towel radiators? 

We even have a range of brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze walk-in showers – perfect for teaming with the gold and bronze traditional showers.

We hope this buying guide has uncovered all you need to know to help you make the right decision, so all you need to do now is head on over to Big Bathroom Shop and shop the beautiful Milano Elizabeth shower collection!

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When To Take A Bath And When To Have A Shower?

Including Baths And Showers In Your Regular Routine

One of the overwhelming findings of our recent research into the showers vs baths debates is that there’s a multitude of benefits associated with both. It’s worth finding the time to fit either into your schedule therefore, but what is the best way to do so?

In this article, we’ll aim to offer key tips and advice with regards to the best timings to take a bath and the ideal spot to take a shower, explaining the when’s and why’s that will be most advantageous pertaining to physical and mental requirements.

Furthermore, we’ll take into account extenuating circumstances that might influence whether a bath or shower is preferable at a particular time for a person in a specific physical state.

And even sprinkle in a few hints alluding to creating the perfect bathing or showering experience for the very best effect…

The Pursuit Of Cleanliness: Showers Or Baths?

Milano Farington Standard Single Ended Bath w/ Back Folding Bath Screen & Front Panel

First things first, stripped down to a base level, showers are the clear outstanding option as it pertains to simply cleansing your body from head to toe.

If the goal is just to achieve a state of the utmost cleanliness, showers must be the selection. They will provide an even distribution of water for full body coverage, eliminating contaminated water during the process.

Whilst indulging in a shower, the water will combine efficiently with the likes of shower gels or soaps to shatter the sweat, oils and dirt attached to the skin. This used water is then disposed of with natural immediacy by running straight down the shower drain.

The Best Times To Take A Bath

So, though making use of shower systems represents a blatant choice when it comes to purely cleaning the body, that certainly doesn’t dismiss baths from the equation as a useful and enjoyable vice.

Baths have a multitude of purposes, stimulating the nervous system and aiding muscle relaxation, all the while providing gentle exfoliation of the skin. The regular use of baths has also been proven to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing, with stress, depression and fatigue less common amongst those who bathe frequently.

But when is the best time to take a bath in accordance with how you might be feeling? And how can a specific type of bath offer the perfect pick-me-up in correlation with your physical or mental state? Read on to find out…

Milano Altcar Stone Grey Modern Freestanding Bath

Milano Select Silver Modern Freestanding Slipper Bath

Baths To Combat Cold And Flu

If you’re suffering from illness like a common cold or flu, a warm bath can help to alleviate some symptoms – the bath water pouring over your chest will be especially helpful.

Essentially, warm baths will help to relax aching muscles, break a fever, and deliver some relief from congestion within the sinuses and chest area in particular.

WHEN you’re feeling under the weather.

Home Healing With Sitz Baths

A sitz bath is essentially the process of sitting in a home bathtub engulfed by warm water which only reaches around the hips and lower buttocks.

This type of bath is a perfect means for the healing of the perineum in the aftermath of giving birth. They can also assist with lesser issues, soothing itching, skin irritation and hemorrhoids.

WHEN you’re suffering from skin irritation.

Soaking To Soothe Stress

As alluded to earlier, plenty of previous research has indicated that a bath is an extremely helpful stress reliever.

Even more so when the bath water is infused with some essential oils, muscle soak solution, bath bombs and the like. Eucalyptus and lavender are particularly enviable ingredients for relaxation, muscle repair and the calming of the mind in an aromatherapy bath.

WHEN you’re feeling stressed out mentally and worn out physically.

Special Skin Remedy Baths

Outside of bathing merely in warm water, there are other types of baths that can act as excellent remedies for sore or dry skin, and form an integral part of a cleansing routine for sufferers of specific skin conditions.

Namely, and most commonly, psoriasis and eczema can be treated with oatmeal baths, which will help to curtail inflammation and redness on the skin. More information surrounding special skin care baths can be found in our dedicated blog, What Are The Benefits Of An Oatmeal Bath?

WHEN you’re suffering from irritable skin conditions.

The Best Times To Take A Shower

Milano Clarus Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Shower Head, Handshower & Overhead Bath Filler

Milano Elizabeth Chrome and Black Traditional Thermostatic Shower w/ Ceiling Mounted Shower Head & Riser Rail

As is the case with taking a bath, the refreshing deluge of water that encapsulates the body during a shower is accompanied by several health benefits.

Amongst these advantages is a propensity to release bodily toxins and soothe muscle aches, as well as helping to enhance the immune system and burn fat.

A look into the best times to take a shower, and which type of shower to take, in line with your physical and mental condition in general…

Showers To Make The Skin Glow

In a process known as vascoconstriction, the blood circulation beneath the skin is improved when taking a shower.

The result of this is a stimulation of the blood flow around the scalp area, which will encourage glowing hair and healthy, shiny skin.

WHEN your skin and hair feels greasy or unclean.

Increasing Immunity In The Shower

Most people’s ideas of a comfortable showering experience involves being engulfed in a warm, fulsome flow of water, perhaps in a rainfall effect. And whilst that’s all well and good, there’s also a multitude of advantages to taking a cold shower, as detailed in our dedicated blog on the subject – Cold Shower vs Hot Shower – What Are The Benefits?

One such key advantage presented by cold showers is their facility to bolster the immune system of the user, even within a shower that might start at a low temperature and gradually increase over time.

WHEN you’re feeling fine and healthy. Any time is realistically a good time to take a cold and/or hot shower to enhance your immune system in due course.

Potential To Assist With Depression

Another monumental plus point of colder showers is that they can potentially assist those struggling with depression.

Showers which begin at a lukewarm temperature, decreasing in stages, are brilliant for stimulating the nervous system and enabling endorphins to be released, thus helping to alleviate depression symptoms.

WHEN you are feeling downbeat or could be struggling mentally.

How To Decide Whether To Take A Bath Or Shower

Milano Newby Right Hand P-Shape Shower Bath w/ Panels, Screen & Waste

In essence, your own priorities with regards to personal hygiene, and how you’re feeling at any particular time, should largely dictate whether you opt to take a bath or a shower.

To achieve a state of comfortable relaxation, tackle chronic pain and alleviate muscle fatigue, a bath is the right way to go.

By contrast, showers would be the preferred choice for those placing a greater emphasis on efficient daily cleansing. And also for anyone hoping to quell the effects of common illnesses, as regular showering can also help to bolster the immune system over time. Especially so when cold temperatures are intertwined with a warmer water flow during body washes.

We have a full dedicated guide on how to take the perfect shower for an enjoyable cleaning experience, but be sure to take into account the multiple positive effects derived from colder showers as well.

Get In Touch With Big Bathroom Shop

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Does A Bath Or Shower Add More Value To A Home?

Will Baths Or Showers Enhance The Value Of A Property?

As another notch on the Big Bathroom Shop baths vs showers belt, we’ve dived deeper still into the debate, conducting our own research to determine whether a bath or a shower adds more value to a home.

With the notion already discussed in our Bath Or Shower blog, we’ve now gauged the British public’s opinion on the matter, finding out what percentage of people asked view a bathtub as an essential home fixture and the answers to other key questions.

Can the value of a property really be enhanced or downgraded based upon the presence of a simple bath, or lack thereof?

Read on to see our findings, and what they indicate with regards to baths and showers influencing the cost and saleability of a home.

Do Most People Prefer Baths Or Showers?

Milano Ballam Standard Single Ended Bath w/ Bath Screen & Front Panel

A simple enough way to begin our research was to ascertain whether most people actually preferred baths or showers on the whole. Of course, the 8.2% of people asked who said they never take a bath are highly unlikely to view the lack of a bathtub as a ‘deal breaker’ or see it as having any sort of detrimental effect on the value of a property.

However, a much larger proportion of those surveyed were partial to a relaxing soak. Although 56.1% stated that they preferred taking showers over baths, a decent 37.8% were of the opposite persuasion.

That said, whilst a freestanding bathtub focal point might not be a bathroom priority for that near 40 per cent range, you could expect something like a shower bath to be a desirable property feature to say the least.

Certainly so, the space to accommodate a bathtub of some sort even if one isn’t already fitted would appear to be a key factor to a significant portion based on our research.

Can Lifestyle Factors Influence A Bath Or Shower Choice?

Even on a basic level, it’s simple to see that people will opt to take a bath or shower for different purposes, and the decision could alter from day to day if they have comfortable access to both vices.

Our research backs up the notion entirely though, and spells bad news for those who could potentially be looking to sell on a property in which a bathtub isn’t present.

A big 68.9% of people surveyed explained that a bath helps them to relax, with a majority 56.9% explaining they enjoy hot baths. Furthermore, almost a third of the people asked (28.9%) said they choose to take a bath when feeling stressed, whilst 31.2% cited ‘alone time’ as their reasoning for hopping in the tub.

With data to back up the general idea that baths are a perfect means for unwinding and de-stressing, it’s reasonable to suggest they’ll be viewed as a vital fixture for many following a busy day-to-day working schedule.

Indeed, 34.3% of 25-34 year-olds admitted to taking a bath when feeling stressed, the largest proportion of any of the age ranged inquisitees. The same bracket were the second most responsive (5.8%) when asked if they’d ever taken a bath on their lunch break too, beaten only by the 18-24 clan (7.8%). Kids, eh?

re Showers Seen As Essential?

Milano Nero Black Sliding Door Shower Enclosure w/ Tray

Whilst we’ve loaded up on the bath talk so far, one of the main reasons for doing so is because the far more diminutive stylings of shower systems makes them a practical inclusion for pretty much any home.

And for all the evidence we’ve presented to show how crucial many people see baths, it would appear that showers still have the edge when it comes right down to it, in accordance with our samplings anyway.

A majority 56.1% registered a preference for taking a shower as opposed to a bath, whilst 25.2% said they would never live somewhere that didn’t have a shower. By comparison, 19.2% echoed the same sentiments as it pertained to bathtubs.

So, although the difference might not be massive, our research does suggest that showers are a priority inclusion in comparison with baths. Perhaps most telling though, is the results that suggest people want the best of both worlds.

Almost half of all those surveyed (44.9%) were in agreement with the statement that “when looking at a new property, a separate bath and shower is important to me”. Centrepiece freestanding tubs still are prospectively popular then, as well as modern showers.

Only 28.6% outlined a preference for traditional bathroom styles when searching for a new home, while 40.9% were in favour of contemporary bathrooms.

re Baths Or Showers A More Valuable Fixture For A Property?

Milano Richmond White Traditional Freestanding Bath w/ Brushed Gold Feet

Milano Rosso Matt Bronze Corner Walk-In Shower Enclosure w/ Slate Tray

In essence, the value of a property can be some way determined by how desirable it is to own, to how many people.

And given the fact that showers would tend to be a standard fitting in more or less any home, and that a decent amount of people would not entertain the purchase of a property if it didn’t feature a bathtub, baths probably hold the edge as the more valuable asset.

However, the popular conception that people really want both components has been firmed up by our research, which suggests that as long as there is a bath somewhere in the home, the value of the property shouldn’t be affected.

As aforementioned, shower baths provide a valuable combination option if space is at a premium within the master bathroom of the home. And in instances where a bath isn’t fitted, it could even be worth sourcing a relatively cheap option for installation before the property is placed on the market. An initial outlay of a few hundred pounds could see an added valuation of a couple of thousand tacked on to the price just via the presence of a bath.

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